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Flying Manta Adventures wants to see happiness on the faces of its clients, ensuring unforgettable fun and experiences.


Building a community of people passionate about playing on the water, from stand-up paddle boarding to wing foiling or scuba diving, and at the same time bring awareness to how important it is to take care of the ocean, to preserve it for many lifetimes to come.


Demonstrate the importance of frequently playing on, near, in, or underwater so that you feel physically and mentally challenged, increasing creativity and growth in all aspects of your life and inspiring you to conquer new and exciting goals.


The ocean brings us together, but together we want to bring out the best in the ocean. Flying Manta Adventures will place a huge value on water sports safety, coral reef conservation, beach clean-ups, sustainable products, and, last but not least, having fun while doing it all.


What do our customers say

At Flying Manta Adventures, LLC we want to provide an excellent service focused on offering our client a safe and fun learning environment to enjoy the water, find peace, experience mental and physical growth, clarity, creativity and excitement all in one.

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